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David MenonWelcome to website of crime fiction writer David Menon who’s fast gaining a reputation as a great teller of stories in the psychological crime genre. Here you’ll find details of his stand alone titles and the notable series of books he’s created with characters that will never leave you. There’s DSI Jeff Barton juggling being a single parent with fighting crime on the streets of Manchester, there’s DCI Layla Khan who has to clean up the backstreets of Blackpool that the holidaymakers don’t see. Then on the other side of the world in Sydney, Australia, Private Investigator Stephanie Marshall never quite knows what or who is going to come through her door or where the adventure will take her. All of David’s character led stories deal with the psychology of crime and the consequences of ordinary people finding themselves in extraordinary situations. With every twist and turn he’ll surprise you until the very end.

Some kind things people have said about my crime novels:

‘A chilling yet humane thriller’
‘A harrowing tale skilfully told’
‘A compelling page turner’
‘Gives Peter James a run for his money!’
‘Couldn’t turn the pages fast enough’.

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